Meet Claudia and J.J.

At 17, Claudia was at a crossroads. She had lived in eleven different foster homes throughout her life, she was pregnant and on the verge of aging out of the foster care system.

When Westside Children’s Center (WCC) was contacted, longtime WCC foster parents, Lisa and Chuck, were ready. Their experience, coupled with the ongoing support services available to them through WCC, made them uniquely qualified to take on the added responsibility of fostering a teen mother.

Lisa and Chuck’s background was exceptional. Not only had they been certified WCC foster parents since 2003 and gone through extensive training, but they had also adopted two children and been foster parents to eleven through the center, in addition to raising other adopted and biological children. Bringing Lisa, Chuck and Claudia together was a perfect fit.

As time went on, Claudia and her son, J.J., became a part of Lisa and Chuck’s family. Because of the loving, stable home Lisa and Chuck provide and the hands-on assistance provided by WCC, Claudia has been able to stay in school and recently earned her high school diploma. She has a part-time job and is looking toward a college degree in political science with hopes of having a career in law.